Donghae and Eunhyuk Trapped in Phone (7 Fan Art Works)

This version also cute poor thing Cr:你好我的爱_eunhaecn Via: SJ_iriszhu

Aigoo. Poor Eunhae trapped in phone. Cr:你好我的爱_eunhaecn Via: SJ_iriszhu

Cr:你好我的爱_eunhaecn Via: SJ_iriszhu

Lock Hyukjae in the phone    Cr:你好我的   Via:  kimmocha

cute ♥ RT Cr: @kyrill: 해해   Via: @SJsSapphireBlue
Embedded image permalink
Perfect wallpaper or lock screen for Donghae (biased).  Via: @IamYannaaaJ
Embedded image permalink
 Cr: yingyuHAE     Via: @HyukHaeBiasd
Image preview
Open the door~!!! Cr: rarasshii]   Via: ‏@HyukHaeBiased

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