Eunhyuk Wants to Sit in Couples Seat with Ryeowook and Other Funny Sukira Stories

1-14-14  Ryewook loves to tell stories about Super Junior on Sukira!  Here’s some hilarious stories straight from Ryeowook’s mouth…

Ryeowook: Few days ago, Eunhyuk-ssi suddenly said “Is a couple seat okay, Ryeowook-ah?” So I said “Um… No.. Let’s watch the movie at a later time” kkkk

Via & Translation:  NKSubs


(Listener is worried about her son being addicted to gaming)
Ryeowook: I heard there are even hobby clubs for it?
Seo Taehoon: Yes~ sometime next week, those celebrities who have an interest in gaming will gather at Jang Dongmin’s PCBang to battle it out~
Ryeowook: Let our Heechul go too…
Seo Taehoon: We should get together sometime soon~
Ryeowook: With Shindong too!

Ryeowook: I had a shoot today so I slept really early last night… I slept without even eating dinner, because I was afraid my face would be swollen… but I woke up at around 3 or 4 am feeling so hungry I couldn’t fall asleep again… so I just sat around. Now people watching bora should be able to see that my eyes are really swollen… Earlier I ate some food and napped for about 2 hours… Now my eyes are so swollen you can’t even see them~

Ryeowook: There are some people who can’t stop humming songs no matter where they go, our member Kyuhyun is just like this, it’s like he’s trying to show off that “I am a singer”… He is a person who practices hard, but people around him think he’s noisy… he should be quieter!
Chinese translation by 金圣诞是理想型   Via & English translation by @ryeonggu

Header Photo Cr:  Lotte Magazine

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