We are happy to join Teukbar and fan clubs around the world for the Dream Rice Project for Leeteuk’s Birthday/Comeback from the army.

This is a very popular support event in Korea. Many fan clubs have done dream rice support wreathe events in the past to cheer on Super Junior’s group & individual activities, including a dream rice support event for Heechul when he was in the army.

For this upcoming Dream Rice Project, the target is 6,613 lbs dream rice. USA ELF hopes to collect as much as we can by the deadline to help reach that worldwide goal.^^

Any amount no matter how small will help. Donations will be used to purchase bags of rice.  (Price per Dream Rice: 22 lbs = $30 USD, 44 lbs = $60 USD, 66 lbs = $90 USD, etc.

The Dream Rice will be given to a charity to help feed the poor in Korea.  Leeteuk will choose the charity he wants the rice to be donated to.

As a special thank you, everyone who donates at least $10 with us will receive a beautiful, LIMITED EDITION 2-sided Leeteuk fan.

**In addition, Teukbar will make a special Collector’s DVD Ver A(with 10 videos)for Leeteuk fans who donate more than 44lbs ($60USD) of dream rice. The DVD content is exclusive videos of Leeteuk’s performances (non public) in the armed forces.  A very unique collection not found anywhere else in the world!!!**

Shipping costs includes shipping items from Korea to our fan club, and then our fan club to you.

Shipping Costs…

For Leeteuk fan:

Within USA – $2.00

International – $4.50

For Special Leeteuk in Military DVD & Leeteuk Fan:

Within USA – $9

International – Contact us for estimate based on your country location.


To donate, please send an e-mail to USAELF05@gmail.com with the subject line “DREAM RICE PROJECT” including the following information:


*Donation amount to buy rice:
*Shipping cost:
*Total funds you are sending:

We will e-mail you back with proper PayPal information to send your donation to.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to leave a message in our ask box, e-mail us at USAELF05@gmail.com or send us a tweet @USA_ELF! We will reply ASAP! ♡

Event time: March 1, 2014 – June 15, 2014


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