140901 [STAR Q&A] ‘Super Junior’ Sungmin “If I Win the Trophy, I’ll Take Off my Wig”

SUPER JUNIOR/ photo=Han Kwang Ho photographer

Super Junior held a press conference on August 28 after the leader Lee Teuk rejoined the group.

The camera flashes went off from everywhere to ten members.

Among them, one member grabbed our attention with unique hair style. He has silver with black highlighted bobbed hair (known as ‘ba-ga-ji hair’ in Korean).

Eun Hyun was on the center of the attention when he had similar concept in 2012 with the album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’. Maybe, it is Sungmin’s turn this time.

Is it okay for him to be that sensational?

We wanted to hear more from him, but since he is a reserved person, he shortly answered at the conference “It was inspired by a character in a webtoon” and saved his breath.

So, we made a phone call to Sungmin.

Q. You have very unique hair style. What was the inspiration?


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