Sungmin Support Project!

Hello, all! USA ELF has decided to create a message book for Sungmin due to all of the backlash he has been getting regarding his marriage announcement. If you have a supportive message you would like to write to him, this is the time to do it! This will be rushed, though, as we are sure he needs to see messages like these quickly. Here are the submission rules:

  • The deadline is 10/19/14 at 3 AM EST. Any late messages will not be included.
  • Your message must be less than 60 words. If it is any longer, it will be difficult to translate all of the letters to Korean in a timely manner.
  • Email your messages to, or tweet them to @usa_elf! You can also include your name and state at the bottom of the message ^^

DO NOT write anything that could be negative, such as reasons some ELF do not support him, etc. Also do not including anything about shipping (kyumin, etc). These messages, if submitted, will not be included in the message book.

Let’s show Sungmin how much his USA fans love and support him!


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