“Show Your Love To Yesung” by Joining Discharge Project

USA ELF is partnering with @CLOUDSYESUNG_ and other fan clubs around the world for the “Show Your Love To Yesung Project”.

The project will make a big Yesung mosaic photo from ELF’s selcas.  The project needs hundreds of selca photos from ELF, so PLEASE PARTICIPATE!  Let’s show Yesung how much we love him!

Rules for individual selca or small group photo:
1. Take a selca with anything Yesung (only) related, like photo, photo book, album, light stick, towel, toys, Whystyle merchandise, etc.
2. Your face must be clearly seen and not covered (exception for Arab ELF).
3. You can take a selca by yourself, or together with your friends.

4. Your photo size needs to be min 600×450 pixel, max 1200×900 pixel, and below 400KB.  It’s ok if your photo is portrait or landscape, indoor or outdoor, day or night.
5. Email it to usaelf05@gmail.com and include your full name, country, twitter/FB/IG/weibo with the subject email “Show Your Love To Yesung (space) your full name”.
6. Do not put any logo on your selca.
7. Do not use other members or other group’s merchandise.
8. We will send you a confirmation email as a participant of these project.

This project will be made manually by @CLOUDSYESUNG.  CG or photoshop can not be used or it will be cracked. This project needs lots of time and many details, so please be patient.  It will be hand delivered to Yesung in Korea around Jan-Feb 2015.

If you have any questions, contact us at http://ask.fm/usa_elf or email us at usaelf05@gmail.com.

Yesung’s mosaic photo from all your selcas will be similar to this movie poster…


or this Chrisye Mosaic Photo (from Chrisye – Lirih MV)…


Read below for some commonly asked questions:


Q: Admin, can I take a selca together with my friend?
A: Sure, you can ^^

Q: Can I take a selca with towel or handbanner from other fanbase/fansite?
A: Please do not use it, because we don’t have any partnership with them, and we don’t want any misunderstandings.

Q: Can I take a selca with whystyle product or Mouse Rabbit mug?
A: Yes, you can, Yesung will be very happy with that!

Q: What if I don’t have anything Yesung related?
A: You can print an official photo of Yesung (letter size) and take a selca with it.

Q: Can I take a selca with merchandise from other fansite or fanbase, like toys?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I give a note on my selca?
A: Your selca should be clean, don’t put any writings or logo. But you can write your message on a placard, then take a selca with it.

Q: What if my selca size above 400KB?
A: You should resize it ^^.

Q: Can I take a selca with turtle or pomerian dog?
A: Yes, you can ^^.

Q: Can I collage my selcas, like 4 selca in one photo?
A: No, because your face becomes very, very small in the finished product later, and Yesung won’t be able to see it clearly.

Q: Can I share this project to my friends?
A: Of course you can ^^.

Q: Can I translate this project to my mother language?
A: Yes, you can, but please cc it to us.

Q: Can I write a message or placard in my mother language?
A: Yes, you can. No bad language.

Q: How can we know you received our email or not?
A: We will send you two confirmation emails.  The first is to let you know we received your email.  The second to confirm that your selca has been reviewed and okay to use in the project.


1. You used towel & handbanner from other fanbase/fansite.

2. We can’t see your face clearly. You have to show how much you love Yesung, like the project title “Show Your Love to Yesung” (except Arab ELF because of religious & cultural restrictions).


3. Your picture contained other members or other idol groups.

4. You didn’t send your selca to our email.

5. Your picture size is above 400KB, or larger than 1200×900 pixel, or smaller than 600×450 pixel.

6. You put a logo on your selca.

7. You didn’t write your identity (like name, country, twitter/FB/IG/Weibo).

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