141212 SUJU-M’s Henry Offers Kim Dong Hyun a Blind Date with His Younger Sister

Super Junior-M’s Henry offered Kim Dong Hyun a blind date with his younger sister on MBC’s Real Man.

The Real Man members recently received severe training in order to become a part of the advancing troops’ rescue workers, which only 0.5 percent of men in Korea can make into. As a part of the training, the members had to face sleeping outdoors.

Henry and Kim Dong Hyun became closer to each other as they made a tent together and spent the night outdoors. Henry then told Kim Dong Hyun that he has a very pretty younger sister and offered him a blind date. Exhilarated, Kim Dong Hyun started asking different things about Henry’s younger sister.


Starting with his suggestion for a blind date, Henry reportedly started controlling Kim Dong Hyun by praising him in one moment and lecturing the next.

Henry’s younger sister is currently a college student in Canada…

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