150713 Zhou Mi Instagram Update: i’m superjunior-M’s Zhoumi^^not superjunior!


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i’m superjunior-M’s Zhoumi^^not superjunior! I’ve debuted for 7 years, but there are still many people who are afraid that Henry and I would join sj and anti us, after doing activities for so long, I just want to let everyone know that we have no intention to replace anyone’s position, I’m me, we’re members of the 8 member group SJM, I love our members,because they took care of me a lot,so there is no need for everyone to worry, Please continue to support SJ, I’ll continue to work hard in the future as SJM’s Zhoumi or SOLO singer Zhoumi! I’ve never regretted these few years that I’ve joined SJM, this is a very important period of time in my life, whether you’ve defamed me or praised me, i am very thankful to everyone! Because all of you made me who I am…

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