KCON LA Meet Up #2: Fun & Games! Friday, July 31, 9am-1pm.

Come in the morning to KCON LA to check-in… and then hangout & have fun with other ELF until KCON opens at 1pm!

Come & make new ELF friends!  Find a convention buddy! Exchange your fan engagement tickets! Learn the fan chants & SJ dance moves! Play Running ELF! …And have lots of fun spazzing over Super Junior!

We will also have a message book where you can hand write your messages to Super Junior.  We have already received approval from SM to give the message book & other gifts our fan club made to Super Junior.

You can also pick up any Super Junior items you pre-ordered with our fan club.

We will also have Super Junior goods and fan club merchandise available at this meet-up to giveaway to those who want to donate in person, to help with the costs of Super Junior projects. Goods are limited so we recommend you pre-order!

SIGN UP by filling out info below & make sure to press SUBMIT!


The costs of all the projects we are doing for Super Junior is going to be around $6,000.   So if you can spare it, please donate.  Every donation however small will help!  We will be publishing all the names of people who donate here:

If you would like to help with the costs of projects (banners, sapphire blue ocean, gifts for SJ, etc) for Super Junior at KCON LA, send a donation  to our paypal account (usaelf05@gmail.com). Make sure to include your name & email.

In thanks for your donation, we will be giving you thank you gifts of Super Junior items.  After you donate, go to our USA ELF Gift Shop (http://usaelf.ecwid.com)and select the gift(s) you want as our thanks for your help.

For every dollar donated, one point will be given. Points can be used in our USA ELF Gift Shop.

When you meet us, we will have your thank you gifts ready.

Date: Friday, July 31st
Time:  9am-1pm
Place:  In front of KCON LA Convention Center                                                   1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90015

directions & map



8:00am – KCON Check-in
Fan Engagement Ticket Exchange with ELF & Kpop fans

9:00am – Fan Chant Lessons/Practice

9:30am – ELF Speed Friending

10:15am – Running ELF

11:00am – Group Photo for SJ 10th Anniversary Project
10th Anniversary Video Message Taping for Super Junior

11:30am – Lunch with USA Admins (It’s our treat!)

12:00 – Choki Dance Lessons/Practice

12:30 – Devil Dance Lessons/Practice


1.  KCON Check-in
Everyone has to check in to receive your KCON bag with benefits (including fan engagement passes).   The earlier you check in the better! So that you can exchange your fan engagement passes with other ELF & kpop fans,  if you do not get the passes for the artists you want to see.

2.  Fan Engagement Ticket Exchange with ELF & Kpop fans
Fan engagement passes are random.   So, you might not get the fan engagement ticket you want.   SOLUTION: exchange the tickets with other ELF & kpop fans!  Shy? Don’t worry, we’ll help you!  Note:  Not all idols will have fan engagements.  KCON has not released info yet on which idols will have fan engagements.

3.  Fan Chant Lessons/Practice
Join in learning and practicing fan chants for songs Super Junior will most likely perform at KCON LA including Devil, Mamacita, Mr. Simple, Sorry Sorry and more if time permits.

4.  ELF Speed Friending
Like speed dating but without the romance lol!  Every five minutes you will get to talk to another ELF and if you hit it off, you can give them your contact info.  Perfect opportunity to make new ELF fans & find yourself a convention buddy to hang out with!

5.  Running ELF
This is just like the Running Man tv show, but Super Junior version!  Everyone will be put in teams and the race is on!  In groups you will play physical and mental games testing your knowledge of Super Junior!

6.  Group Photo for SJ 10th Anniversary Project
We will take a group photo with everyone holding banners to celebrate Super Junior’s 10 years as the Hallyu kings!

7.  10th Anniversary Video Message Taping for Super Junior
We will be video taping your messages to Super Junior!  So make sure to put on your makeup lol!

8.  Lunch with USA Admins (It’s our treat!)
Our USA Admins wanted to personally thank all of you!  Without your support all these years, we would not be able to do all the projects we do for Super Junior.  So, lunch is on the admins!  (We are not using fan club funds). All funds donated will be used for Super Junior projects.  Give us suggestions on what you want to eat.  Come & join us & other ELF.  We can’t wait to chat with everyone in person.

9. Choki Dance Lessons/Practice
Our Dance Instructor Miyoung will be teaching fans how to choki choki!  We will also practice in preparation for the Choki Flash Mob which take place the next day at KCON.   Watch Miyoung’s choki tutorial and start practicing first.  Try to practice at least once a day! Tutorial has 3 speeds for you to practice to:  slow, medium and full speed!


10.  Devil Dance Lessons/Practice
Let’s impress SJ by showing them we know the moves to their new song!  Miyoung will lead the dance practice so that by Saturday’s Devil Flash Mob, you will be already!  Make sure to practice every day from now until KCON.  Tutorial has 3 speeds for you to practice to:  slow, medium and full speed! Here is the devil dance tutorial Miyoung made…

If you have any questions or suggestions, tweet us @ usa_elf or kakaotalk us at ID: usaelf.

We’ll see you at KCON LA!

– USA ELF Admins & Staff


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