Now open: Super Junior Light Stick Pre-Orders for KCON LA. $4 each.

Let’s fill Staples Center with blue lights!!!  It won’t be easy since there are so many other fandoms there.  But let’s give it our best try!

As part of USA ELF’s Sapphire Blue Ocean Project at KCON LA, we will be helping ELF who do not have light sticks, with buying Super Junior light sticks from Korea.

The light sticks are bought from a store in Korea and then shipped by bulk to Admin Teukie in Los Angeles.

The cost of the light sticks are $3 each & EMS shipping is $1 each light stick from Korea to USA.  Total cost is $4. This is the cost of the light sticks.  Our fan club is not making any profit from this.

Our only goal is to help fans to get light sticks, so that we can have a beautiful Sapphire Blue Ocean for Super Junior.

Since this is a KCON LA concert project, light sticks need to be picked up at KCON LA at our fan club meet ups or our booth.  Make sure to pick up your light stick before the concert!  We will not be mailing light sticks.

Please DO NOT order a light stick if you already own one!  Please bring the light stick you own to the concert.

During the concert, please help by asking everyone around you to turn on during Super Junior’s performances their light sticks or any other blue light items they may have.  And ask those kpop fans with the mulit-color KCON foam lights to turn it to ONLY blue!

If every ELF encourages everyone around us to turn their lights to blue during the concert, we will have a better chance of getting a Sapphire Blue Ocean.

Tell those sitting or standing around you BEFORE the concert starts too to turn everything BLUE when Super Junior comes on stage.

If you have any questions contact us on twitter @usa_elf, kakaotalk id: usaelf or email at

To pre-order the lightstick fill out the info below & press submit.

AND transfer the funds to USA ELF’s paypal account.

Only ONE light stick will be allowed per person.  If you want to order & pay for your friends you can.  But you need to fill out a pre-order for each person.  And your friends have to pick up the light sticks themselves at KCON LA.

For Paypal:
1.  Transfer money to account:
2.  Do NOT transfer as payment for goods & services.
Our fan club is not making any profit from this.   We are not selling you a light stick.  We are only helping you with buying a light stick from Korea, since it is often difficult & expensive for fans to do on their own.
3.  Transfer funds as like you would to family and friends.
4.  Make sure that the name on the paypal account matches with the name of the person ordering.  If it does not, make sure to write a comment with the name of the person ordering.
5.  Write in the comment section:  “Sapphire Blue Ocean Project-Light sticks”.


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