Order Now: Devil Album w/o Poster $15 Includes Shipping. DEADLINE 12 Midnight USA PST TONIGHT!

USA ELF is doing orders for Super Junior’s Devil Special Album!

Deadline to order and transfer funds is Friday, July 24th, 12 midnight USA PST.  (USA ONLY)

We will include a special Super Junior MYSTERY gift for members of our fan club with each album order.  It is a small thank you from our fan club for all the support you give to our amazing boys!

Membership NOT required to order.
NOTE:  Our fan club is not benefiting in any way from these album orders. The cost is the exact price it costs us to get the album for you.
Our goal is to increase Super Junior album sales to support Super Junior.
If you are not living in the USA, contact us and we can help refer you to the fan club that is doing orders to your country.
Counts on Hanteo & Gaon.
Price already INCLUDE shipping costs to you…
Price : $15 USD – album without poster
A HUGE thank you to @sjissj for helping buy the albums in Korea.  And also for paying a portion of the costs for ELF, so that fans only have to pay $15.   Thank you @sjissj  for your generosity!
Since @sjissj is hand carrying the albums from Korea to USA, she is unable to bring posters.
There will be a maximum of orders we can accept since she can only carry a certain amount.  So first come first served until albums run out.

Steps To Order :
1 – Place your order with this form and SUBMIT
2 – Send funds
3 – After verifying funds have been received, we will send you a confirmation via email

Accepts Paypal

For Paypal:
1.  Transfer money to account:  usaelf05@gmail.com
2.  Do NOT transfer as payment for goods & services.
Our fan club is not selling you an album.  We are only helping you buy the album from Korea.  We want to help increase album sales for Super Junior!
3.  Transfer funds as like you would to family and friends.
4.  Make sure that the name on the paypal account matches with the name of the person ordering.  If it does not, make sure to write a comment with the name of the person ordering.

If you are interested in becoming a member, sign up fro free membership:  https://usaelf.wordpress.com/become-a-member

Tweet – @usa_elf
Email – usaelf05@gmail.com

Thank you for giving your love and support to SUPER JUNIOR!!!!


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