10,000 Banners Project: USA ELF’s Super Junior Concert Banner for KCON LA Reveal! Free banners will be given at the Staples door to those attending KCON LA.

Hello ELF!

Here it is!  USA ELF’s concert banner for KCON LA!

Designed by:  @StupidHyukjae

Idea by: USA ELF Admins,  @StupidHyukjae 

Our fan club made 10,000 banners, enough for everyone! We will be giving these banners out free in front of Staples Center on August 1st, starting at 5:30pm before KCON LA concert starts.

Please help make this a successful Concert Banner Project to show our wonderful boys that USA fans EXIST & we LOVE them!

What you need to do:

1.  Pick up a free banner just before you go into the concert.

2.  When Super Junior starts their MENT (TALKING), hold up the banners.

Super Junior will normally perform a song or two then stop to talk to the audience.  This is when you need to hold up the banner!

3.  Encourage those sitting near you (even if they are ELF or not) to hold up a banner.

4.  After concert, meet us right outside the doors of Staples so we can take a HUGE GROUP PHOTO with everyone holding the banners!

For the photo, make sure to wear the light up blue mouse ears & devil horns our fan club will be giving FREE at our KCON booth.   We bought over 1,250 of mouse ears & devils horns so plenty for everyone!

We will give the group photo to all the Super Junior members & SM Entertainment.

If you have any questions contact us at:  twitter – usa_elf, kakaotalk – usaelf or email usaelf05@gmail.com



We are making 12 banners total for KCON LA including individual banners for each member.   The cost is over $1,300.  If you can spare a few dollars to chip in to the cost of banners, that would be very helpful.

In thanks for your help, we will give free thank you gifts of Super Junior & fan club items.  After you donate, go to our USA ELF Gift Store at and choose your free gift(s) https://usaelf.wordpress.com/2014/12/12/usa-elf-gift-store-is-now-opened . If you are coming to KCON, you can pick up your gifts at KCON otherwise it will be mailed to you.

If you can donate, send donations to our paypal account id: usaelf05@gmail.com & fill out the form below.  And THANK YOU!!!

We will list the names & amounts of those who donate on our website at https://usaelf.wordpress.com/thank-yous.  If you prefer we do not list you on the website, let us know in the comment section when you fill out the form.


To pass out 10,000 banners, we will need  lot of help.  If you can come and help, fill out the form below.  We will meet volunteers at 5:15pm in front of Staples.  Look for our staff wearing blue ELF or white Proud to be USA ELF t-shirts with name badges & surrounded by boxes of banners.


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