Kyuhyun’s 10th Anniversary Deadline April 25

E.L.F worldwide are helping SJ Charities sponsor a child via World Vision until he reaches 18 years of age under the name SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN. The chosen child is Julius, a 5 year old boy from Uganda. His birthday is on May 27th, which is the same date as Kyuhyun’s debut.

The total amount for this project is $6,000 for 12 years of sponsoring.

By sponsoring, he will be provided with:

  • Access to clean, safe water
  • Improved nutrition and basic healthcare
  • Quality education that can help break the cycle of poverty

… and more!

For a closer look at Julius’s profile click here.

Your donation, even just a small amount, will help change the life of a child and contribute to the success of the project.

How to Donate
For Western Union/MoneyGram, please send an email to:

Follow SJ Charities on Twitter for all of the latest updates about Julius!


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