Build a School in Africa


We’re happy to announce our participation with E.L.F. worldwide to celebrate Super Junior’s 11th debut anniversary! In a continued partnership with Build a School in Africa, SJ Charities is going to build a second school in honor of Super Junior in the community of Doumanaba, located about 50 km northwest of Silkasso, in the south of Mali. Let’s continue to show Super Junior our love and show the world the power of E.L.F. worldwide!

Here are just a few of the items your donation can provide:

$100 A classroom door or a cabinet for classroom materials
$55 All the nuts and bolts for all the buildings
$50 Shutters for one window
$35 A door for the latrines
$35 A student desk & bench that seats 3-4 children
$32 A teacher’s desk
$21 A chair for the teacher
$30 A 30 kg. pail of interior paint
$22 Anti-rust paint for all the metal doors and windows
$12 1 sack of cement. 498 sacks of cement are needed to make the 5,135 cinderblocks used for the school buildings
$10 2 kg of black slate paint for a classroom chalkboard

How to Donate

Fill out the form at the following link:

Deadline: October 31, 2016