Super Junior 11th Anniversary Project

We’re happy to announce our participation with E.L.F. worldwide to celebrate Super Junior’s 11th debut anniversary! In a continued partnership with Build a School in Africa, SJ Charities is going to build a second school in honor of Super Junior in the community of Doumanaba, located about 50 km northwest of Silkasso, in the south of Mali. Let’s continue to show Super Junior our love and show the world the power of E.L.F. worldwide!


Visit our page to find out how to participate:

Deadline: October 31, 2016


140707 KBS ‘A Song For You’ Recording with Kangin [2P] (LQ)

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140707 A Song For You FaceBook Update with Kangin [1P]

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140707 Kangin

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140707 @kbsasong4you Twitter Update with Kangin [3P]

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13 International Fansites Unite for Siwon’s Birthday Project

For information about project, contact
Hello everyone~ ^^ To celebrate Siwon’s 29th birthday, 13 International Fansites have united to =organize some projects. We have 3 Episodes of projects. Right now, we will share Episode #1 first. Why? Because Episode #1 needs much more preparation and time to do. The other two episodes will be shared when the time comes. 😀

Seems like most of you knew that we always hold a charity project on Siwon’s birthday. Siwon has been always inspiring us to care and show love for others, then why not do the same together? Doing a good act alone will give a great impact to others, but do it together will give a much greater impact, right? Besides, we can share the joy on Siwon’s special day to others and give Siwon another meaningful birthday present. :^)

So, in Episode #1, there are 3 main things that we will do together. What are they? Check them out~ 😉

Q: What is it about?
A: Well, it’s about collecting money and donating it under Siwon’s name. It is a regular thing to do, right?

Q: To what foundation?
A: This year, we will donate to World Food Programme (WFP). They are part of United Nations and a sister agency of FAO and IFAD. They help providing school meals for children and also supply food as disaster response. You can read more about them here:

Q: How significant is our donation for them?
A: Oh, it’s BIG. Here’s the fact: Only USD$5 will feed 20 children nutritious school meal. Now let’s say 200 fans donate USD$5, then there will be 1000 children we feed.

Q: How to donate though?
A: Ah, you can donate via Paypal, bank transfer to country representatives, concealed cash to country representatives (tentative), Alipay, or Taobao. Read more how to donate here:

Q: What should I do after donating?
A: Please report your donation here:

Q: Will you report the donors list?
A: It’s a must for us, for transparency sake and as our responsibility. We will update the list every weekend. You can see the list here:

Q: When is the due date?
A: The closing date for donation is April 1st, 2014.

Q: But, donating money is soooo yesterday. Don’t you have anything else?
A: Haha. Yep, that could be. But, donating money has the greatest impact for those who need it, so we will still carry on. But anyway, to indulge the fun some of you may look for, of course we have something else in store. Go check out for No. 2 and 3 below! 😉

Q: What kind of play is this?
A: It’s called Free Rice game. It is a game provided by WFP, too. The basic rule is: you answer 1 question correctly, 10 grains of rice will be donated by WFP under your name (or in this case, Siwon’s name).

Q: Wait. What questions exactly?
A: Just some easy questions coming from several subjects, i.e. languages, math, literature, history, geography, etc. Go to this link to see more:

Q: Oh. How do I play it?
A: This is the interesting part: we will play within the group. We have created a group for all fans to play, named “Love from Siwon Choi’s Fans”. Let’s say 2 people play from the group and each person answers 100 questions correctly, so the total grains of rice donated by the group = 2 x 100 x 10 grains = 2000 grains.

Q: How can I register and play from the group?
A: We have made the tutorial for you here:

Q: Can I play this everyday?
A: Of course! We encourage you to play it in your free time. Answering 100 questions doesn’t even take an hour. Now imagine 100 people doing the same thing for 100 days until Siwon’s birthday, how many grains of rice donated from Siwon’s fans? You count it yourself. 😉

Q: Can I get something if I donate the most grains in the group?
A: Yep yep. We will give you a gift if you are the donor with most grains donated. And, as always, we ship worldwide~ So, the more you play and answer correctly, the higher your chance to win the gift. But, remember, don’t play alone. Play from the group. We won’t count your grains contribution if you don’t play from the group.

Q: Why should I play from the group?
A: Because we want the whole grains to be donated under Siwon’s name. ^^

Q: Hunger IQ… What is it?
A: It’s a quick survey, consisted of 5 easy questions about hunger facts in the world.

Q: So, I have to answer the questions?
A: Yes, that’s right! It won’t take more than 5 minutes.

Q: How does that help others?
A: Well, whenever you take the survey, a child will receive a warm meal under your name.

Q: What if my answer was wrong? So, the warm meal will be cancelled?
A: Nope. No matter how many questions in the survey you get right, the child will still be given a warm meal. ^^

Q: Is there any rules doing this survey?
A: Well, there is only 1 rule: when you are asked about your First Name after you answer all questions, please write “SiwonFan”. You can write your own name as last name, though.

Q: Why should I do that?
A: So that many children will be given the warm meal under Siwon’s name, of course. 🙂

Q: Where can I take the survey?
A: Here is the link:

Q: Is all wrapped, then?
A: IT IS. /grins

OH! There’s another thing~ Please help us spread the words! Post about this on your Twitter, Twitlonger, Facebook, Tumblr, Weibo, blog, Instagram, etc. Share the links of the post. Tell your friends about this project, encourage them to join no matter who their bias in SJ is. The more people join us, the more we give to children, the better birthday present we give to Siwon, the better worldwide public know Super Junior. 😉

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