Message from USA ELF Admins about SS6 in USA Rumors

Hello ELF~

We’ve noticed that there are people getting excited about the posts online made about SS6 coming to the US.

The sites making these posts are unofficial. Wikipedia is a site where anyone can post on.

That facebook site is an unofficial site in which the creator is unverified and anonymous.

Since the beginning of the year, that facebook site has been posting about SS6 in Seattle (which they took down), Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. It is highly impossible for USA to get that many concerts. Many of the other countries they are listing are also highly unlikely.

During SS5, an identical facebook site was posting about SS5 in USA and that ended up being not true

Please be cautious of any postings about SS6 in USA that are not made officially from SM, DreamMaker or the boys themselves.

According to our connections, there have been talks, but nothing has been planned. It is a very expensive show that would require a lot of help from sponsors — which will make it very difficult to bring the show here. We are still trying to do everything we can to bring the guys here, and we’ll keep you updated!!!!

Still crossing our fingers for SS6!
~USA ELF Admins

SS6 Tokyo Project: Free Super Junior Gift Bags for American Fans Going to SS6 Tokyo! #SupportSJCampaign #AttendSS6Tokyo

As part of our #SupportSJ Campaign, USA ELF will be giving out Super Junior gift bags to thank USA fans who came to Tokyo to support SJ at SS6.

Tweet us @usa_elf or email us at to arrange a meeting time with our USA ELF Staff.  We will be giving out the gift bags on Day 1 and Day 2 of SS6.

Each gift bag will include:

– Blue wristband with words “Super Junior” “Everlasting Blue” and “USA ELF”

– Sticker sheet

– Postcard

– Picture cards

Photos varies per gift bag.

You do not have to be a member of our fan club…. only need to live in USA.

Thank you for coming all the say to Japan to support our boys!!!!!

We can’t wait to meet you… see you in Tokyo!!!

Sample of gift bag:


SS6 in USA Project: Help Bring Super Junior to America

ss6usa banner

Do you want to see Super Junior’s Super Show 6 in the America?  Help us show SM Entertainment, Super Junior and Concert Organizers that WE want a SUPER SHOW in the USA!

Let’s not be SKIPPED AGAIN this year!  We need to show that there is enough fans to SELL OUT A SUPER SHOW!

All ELFS and K-pop fans, please PARTICIPATE in this project!  Just a few minutes of your time will make all the difference in the world!

ELFs in MEXICO & CANADA, please help too!  If Super Show 6 comes to Los Angeles and/or New York, we might be closer to you then a Super Show in Mexico City!

Here’s what can do to help… (You can do one or both)


– Print out the SS6 USA banner (in color if possible, if not black & white is okay too).

– If you like to also include a personal message on another piece of of paper, banner, poster, etc…. you are welcomed to do so!

– Take a picture of yourself with the SS6 USA banner ( & your message if you like to include one).  If you are shy, you can find a creative way to cover your face!

– If possible, wear blue and anything that represents Super Junior.

– Email your picture and link to your video to

2.  Videotape yourself with the SS6 in USA Please banner telling Super Junior how much you want them to come to the USA.

– If possible, wear blue and anything that represents Super Junior.

– Email your video (or a link to the video) to

After Super Junior’s COMEBACK, USA ELF will tweet out to SM Entertainment, Concert Organizers/Promoters and Super Junior a different picture/video of a fan everyday.  We will also hand deliver a compilation of the photos & videos to Super Junior in Korea.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments section, contact us at or message us at any of our websites below: –
Facebook Group Forum –
Facebook Site –
Tumblr –
Twitter –

PLEASE HELP PASS THE WORD!  Reblog! Tweet to your friends!  THANK YOU!


140820 @SMTOWNGLOBAL Twitter Update: #SuperJunior WORLD TOUR “SUPER SHOW 6” in SEOUL will be held on September 19~21.

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