140908 Chuseok messages from #SuperJunior [10P]



Trans: Chuseok Holidays!I hope it is more or less like Hangawi(another way to call Chuseok)!!
ELF suni (fans)-ya, I love you!


Trans: Have a good chuseok~


Trans: Have a plentiful hangawi…♡


Trans: Eat a lot of delicious food ❤ in Chuseok and gain weight ❤ fighting >w<

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140901 Super Junior 7jib MAMACITA Thanks To [Translation]


I wanted to become happy.. I always have been looking for the key to happiness. Now, I think I have found that key to happiness. Being able to wake up in the morning, meet people I want to meet, and laugh together and cry together…. Beloved family… Beloved members.. Beloved all family members of SM.. Beloved fans… I now realized that everything I’ve always felt is the key to happiness. I want to feel this happiness with everyone. Thank you, and thank you again; I love you, and I love you.. I hope everyone reading this post will be full of happiness and love.. I love you..!!


This is an album after 3 years for me. I want to try being a bit serious in the Thanks To this time. It’s already been 10 years since we debut.
There probably are people who are new to loving me…

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140829 Super Junior 7th Album #MAMACITA Lyrics [English/Romanization]


English Translation:

Why are you shutting your mouth right now?
Did you decide to just go with the flow?
Just say shh! Then everything will calm down
Everyone keeps nagging
Were you expecting us to be Superman?
This world is good enough to play in, right?
If you do as you always did, go as you always went
There’s no way you’ll stick out and be hit by a hammer

We’ve strongly protected ourselves, yes!
Donghae also says that, yes!
We have this specialness, ooh!
Exactly what kinds of things happened?

Hey! MAMACITA! I am a-yayayaya
The cruelly broken dreams are a-yayayaya
Something has broken and left, even the tears have dried
Those who wear the armor feel its weight, you can’t do that!

Whoever started it first or not, I just want to stop and end this
Words that provoke each other, it’s like a war without purpose

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