140820 Leeteuk Twitter and Facebook Update: I uploaded it~^^

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for the time being, I uploaded it~^^

I hope everyone will be happy and healthy..

Leeteuk Video Trans:

Hello, this is Leeteuk.
Ice Bucket Challenge.. I would like to thank Super Junior member Donghae and Eunhyuk for helping me join this good cause.
I will refreshingly get hit with water. I hope everyone in this world will be happy and healthy.
I don’t know if I can choose (these people) as the next, but (I would like to choose) Choi MinSik sunbae-nim, who is writing a new history in the history of Korean movies at the moment, Son SukHee sunbae-nim, and Yoo Heeyeol sunbae-nim. I would like to pass the…

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