2017 Eunhyuk & Siwon Birthday Project Deadline March 17

[Closed] March 1 – March 17

USA ELF is partnering with ELF Indonesia to celebrate Eunhyuk’s and Siwon’s birthdays! Both projects support and celebrate Eunhyuk and Siwon with fan letters and other special gifts.

Send a letter to Eunhyuk, Siwon or both by filling out the following forms:

Eunhyuk – Our Story to Rockstar Soldier:

Siwon – Blossom in Love to Officer Choi:

Questions? Email us at usaelf05@gmail.com.

Super Junior 11th Anniversary Project

We’re happy to announce our participation with E.L.F. worldwide to celebrate Super Junior’s 11th debut anniversary! In a continued partnership with Build a School in Africa, SJ Charities is going to build a second school in honor of Super Junior in the community of Doumanaba, located about 50 km northwest of Silkasso, in the south of Mali. Let’s continue to show Super Junior our love and show the world the power of E.L.F. worldwide!


Visit our page to find out how to participate:


Deadline: October 31, 2016

2016 Donghae Birthday Project Deadline September 26

그대는 나의 하루 (You Are My Day)

USA ELF is partnering with ELF Indonesia and USA Elfish to celebrate Donghae’s birthday! 그대는 나의 하루 is a project to support and celebrate Donghae with birthday gifts including cookie boxes (for Donghae and his team), a video and a birthday cake.

Donation Levels:

Send a group photo or selfie with our hand banner to include in the video
Click here to download the hand banner.

Donation only:
$3 – Gifts include a pin and photo card

Send a letter to Donghae on our custom stationary:
$5 – Gifts include a pin, photo card and key chain
$15 – Gifts include a pin, photo card, key chain and tumbler
$25 – Gifts include a pin, photo card, key chain and notebook
$30 – Gifts include a pin, photo card, key chain, tumbler and notebook
$50 – Gifts include a pin, photo card, key chain, tumbler, notebook and embroidered patch

To participate, please fill out this form:

Questions? Email us at usaelf05@gmail.com

2016 Leeteuk Birthday Project Deadline June 13

Our Hearts to 천사특 (Angel Teuk)

USA ELF is partnering with ELF Indonesia, Ecuador, Brazil and Leeteuk Angels USA to celebrate Leeteuk’s 34th (in Korean age) birthday! Our Hearts to 천사특 is a project to support and celebrate Leeteuk’s birthday with gifts including lunch boxes (for Leeteuk and staff), a birthday cake and photo book.


There are four donation levels to choose from.
Every level includes free gifts!

$3 – Donation Only
Gifts include a pin and sticker

$5 – Send a short message to Leeteuk (see guidelines below)
Gifts include a pin, sticker and key chain

$10 – Send a selfie to Leeteuk (see guidelines below)
Gifts include a pin, key chain and fan

$20 – Send a short message and selfie to Leeteuk (see guidelines below)
Gifts include a pin, key chain, fan and pouch

Submission guidelines:

  • Messages must be in Korean or English with a maximum of 50 words.
  • ELF must do a heart sign in their selfies to match the project theme.

Sample selfie:

To participate, please fill out this form:

Questions? Email us at usaelf05@gmail.com

Kyuhyun’s 10th Anniversary Deadline April 25

E.L.F worldwide are helping SJ Charities sponsor a child via World Vision until he reaches 18 years of age under the name SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN. The chosen child is Julius, a 5 year old boy from Uganda. His birthday is on May 27th, which is the same date as Kyuhyun’s debut.

The total amount for this project is $6,000 for 12 years of sponsoring.

By sponsoring, he will be provided with:

  • Access to clean, safe water
  • Improved nutrition and basic healthcare
  • Quality education that can help break the cycle of poverty

… and more!

For a closer look at Julius’s profile click here.

Your donation, even just a small amount, will help change the life of a child and contribute to the success of the project.

How to Donate
PayPal: sjcharities2005@gmail.com
For Western Union/MoneyGram, please send an email to: sjcharities@gmail.com

Follow SJ Charities on Twitter for all of the latest updates about Julius!

#ThanksHyukJaeProject Starts Today! Please help to thank Hyuk!

ELF around the world please join #ThanksHyukJae Project from USA ELF’s affiliate, USA Jewels…

USA Jewels is proud to be joining ELF& Jewels fan clubs around the world in the #ThanksHyukJae Project.

Let’s all thank Eunhyuk for taking such good care of ELF & SJ these past two years.

Read below and make sure to set your clock for 6am Korean Time, July 26th!  For ELF living in the USA, that’s 2pm USA Pacific Time.

Tweet the photos on the bottom with the hashtag #ThanksHyukJae.

And make sure to continue tweeting until Leeteuk’s return.

If you have any questions, tweet us @usa_jewels or email usajewels0404@gmail.com.






Super Junior Brasil E.L.F Project: 1st Anniversary of SS5 in Brazil Video with Fan Messages

The original idea was to promote the video on April 21, marking exactly one year of the show, but due to the Ferry Sewol accident, Super Junior Brasil E.L.F postponed it to May 21, one month later. In the video, there are fan messages to Super Junior.


Source:  Super Junior Brasil E.L.F (refer to link)

Via: @

@SuJuFangirling Project: Leeteuk Video Project

The following project is organized by @SuJuFangirling.

[PROJECT for LEETEUK] Please read, spread and participate!
No matter which fandom you’re in, everyone can participate.

All of us have heard about the shocking incident considering Leeteuk’s father and grandparents. (Let me add something here: Please do not believe everything the media says about this incident! SM Entertainment has apparently said that the media is exaggerating and spreading unconfirmed information.)

For us ELF, Leeteuk is not only the leader of Super Junior, but he is the person who always cared not only for his members but his fans, too. He had to endure a lot and he definitely does not deserve to lose three beloved people in his life.

Loads of fans showed their support, lots of his label mates and artists from other labels did that, too. But it’s not enough to tell him to stay strong. He’s been strong for so long.

This project is not intended to remind him of what happened but to show him our love and support – from ELF as well as from people of other fandoms! ♥

Leeteuk and Super Junior have given strength to a lot of us in bad times, let’s show them that ELF is here for them in bad times, too!

For a global project, the easiest way is a VIDEO PROJECT.

[How to participate]

Send a photo that shows your support for Leeteuk. It can be a picture of you, friends, pets, nature, your K-Pop collection, any random item…it does not matter as long as it shows your support and love for him.

Please do not edit the picture (except for lighting etc.). Do not add text or other pictures via computer because it might happen, that you can’t read it in the end. However you can take a picture of your message included (for example you holding up a sign with your message).

You can also send a message only. Please make sure it’s about 60 words.
But please do not include words like “loss”, “death” or anything similar that might put salt in his wounds.

You can send a message AND up to 3 photos (not similar ones, though), too. The more, the better.

Please send your message in either Korean or English. (If it’s Korean, please make sure it’s correct!)

When you send your photo/message, please mention your name, the country you’re from and your ‘main’ fandom – in case non-ELF participate, we should show Leeteuk that no matter which fandom we come from, we support him. 🙂

This is the least we can do. So please participate.
And please help by spreading the word.

Send your submission to mylafee@topmail-files.de or via Twitter @SuJuFangirling.
Deadline is Sunday, January 26th. I know it’s in less than 3 weeks, but I’m sure we can gather a lot of fans.

Please help, thank you!


Of course, there’s no guarantee that Leeteuk sees the video. I live miles and miles away from Korea, so I have no chance to give it to him personally. However, when the situation has calmed down and when we spread this video, he might see it. Or maybe some lovely fans in Korea will show it to him, his mom and his sister someday.

Fighting. ♥