140905 Super Junior at Italian TV Program Rai 2 “Razza Umana Magazine” [ENG SUB]

Credit: Super Junior Italia – From ELF to ELF
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140825 Henry Twitter Update: behind the scenes of my “In Style” magazine shoot

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Leeteuk greets fans for the first time since discharge – From 140815 – NetizenBuzz Article

Article:‘SM Town’ Leeteuk, “I wanted to greet you so badly” breaks out in tears… members ‘tease’ him

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+7,542, -557] With as much hardships as he’s suffered, I hope he’s only met with good things from here on out. Don’t forget that you have fans who support you. I’ll be hoping for a daebak Super Junior comeback.

2. [+6,332, -446] I support you from the heart.

3. [+1,030, -81] Despite being the group leader, he was never afraid of ruining his image and worked hard on broadcast. He always prepared a lot to make viewers laugh… and because of that, so many people consoled him when he suffered tragedies. I believe that he’ll receive the support deserving of all that he’s given over the years. I’m sure his members must feel like brothers to him right now… so be happy!!! And if they do release…

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140816 Super Junior’s Brand New Comeback Album to Drop on September 1!

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According to a source in the music industry, Super Junior’s seventh official full-length album is scheduled to be released this coming September 1! It is also being reported that the brand new comeback album will contain a total of 10 tracks.

The group’s upcoming return will be their first in about two years and 2 months, since the release of their sixth album “Sexy, Free & Single” in July of 2012. Their comeback has been receiving attention from early on, due to news of member Leeteukjoining in on preparations for the album immediately upon his release from the military.

The members of Super Junior also dropped a few hints in regard to their comeback plans during the “SMTOWN Live World Tour Concert” in Seoul on August 15. Member Eunhyuk shared, “We wrapped up our music video…

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