KCON 2017 – Super Junior D&E

Yes, we will be at KCON!

We will not have a booth however we are planning a meet up to recreate the group photo we did in 2015 with our D&E banners.

2015 Photo & Banner

Eunhyuk’s Instagram!

Date: Saturday, August 19
Time & Location: TBD

More details, including a brand new banner, will be announced closer to the event.

Hope to see you there!

USA ELF * USA Jewels * USA Elfish

2017 Eunhyuk & Siwon Birthday Project Deadline March 17

[Closed] March 1 – March 17

USA ELF is partnering with ELF Indonesia to celebrate Eunhyuk’s and Siwon’s birthdays! Both projects support and celebrate Eunhyuk and Siwon with fan letters and other special gifts.

Send a letter to Eunhyuk, Siwon or both by filling out the following forms:

Eunhyuk – Our Story to Rockstar Soldier:

Siwon – Blossom in Love to Officer Choi:

Questions? Email us at usaelf05@gmail.com.

2016 Eunhyuk Birthday Project Deadline March 15

Talking to 달님 (Talking to the Moon)

USA ELF is partnering with ELF Indonesia, ELF Brazil and USA Jewels to celebrate Eunhyuk’s 31st (in Korean age) birthday! Talking to 달님 is a project to support and celebrate Eunhyuk with birthday gifts including a mini photo book, birthday flowers, fan letters, a birthday cake and other special gifts. Gifts will be hand delivered to Chocolat BonBon in April.

Below is an example of a birthday cake that was sent for a previous project:


Three ways you can participate!

1. Picture to 달님
For an $8 donation you can send a letter and selfie to Eunhyuk with our custom designed letter paper and hand banner. You will receive a free gift that will include a pin, key chain and fan as a thank you.

2. Letter to 달님
For a $4 donation you can send a letter to Eunhyuk on our custom designed letter paper. You will receive a free gift that will include a pin, key chain and fan as a thank you.

3. Donation Only
For a $2 donation you will receive a free gift that will include a pin and a key chain as a thank you.



To participate, please fill out this form:

Questions? Email us at usaelf05@gmail.com
Thank you for supporting our handsome Anchovy!


Correction: Update on This is Love (Eunhyuk Cover) Giveaway


PLEASE NOTE:  We noticed we mistakenly wrote a few people’s name twice.  We have fixed it now.  Below is the revised numbers.  Everyone’s numbers remain the same.  We just deleted the duplicates.

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! Tonight, we will be picking the winner using a random number selector.

For each activity completed, one entry number was given.  For those who entered, please check your numbers below and let us know (usaelf05@gmail.com) if there is any issues.

Good luck all!

-USA ELF & USA Jewels Admins

#1-8                       Alondra G.

#9-14                     Agnes T.

#15-22                  Mayra G.

#23-30                  Keily N.

#31-40                  Bonnie K.

#41-50                  Heather V.

#51-56                  Javiera M.

#57-66                  Melany

#67-76                  Jia C.

#77-80                  Lisbet G.

#81-87              Alejandra A.

#88-93              Mónica S.

#94-99              Alice

#100-107           Hira

#108-113           Chealy P.

#114-123           Fishyanchovy…

#124-133              Annie C.

#134-139              Amy C.

#140-141              Karina C.

#142-147              Jessica W. (9508)

#148-152              Cody L.

#153-56                Leslie L.

#157-164              Cazine

#165-170              None

#171-178              None

#179-186              None

#187-196              None

#197-204              Kushani

#205-212              Amanda M.

#213-222              Christine M.

#223-230              Valentina L.

#231-232              Jessica W. (2895)

#233-240              Kelly P.

#241-244              Adela H.

#245                      Kristen B.

#246-249              Annie L.

#250-255              Ashley M.

#256-263              Betül

#264-272              Dezha

#273-282              Kira

#283-288              Rima N.

#289-298              Superjuniorismy…

#300-307              Elvira

#308-316              Sneha S.

#317-325              Twilightbi…

#326-335              Hyukkieba…

#336-343              Van

#344-347              Nhu N.

#348-353              Eevan D.

#354-357              Melinda

#358-365              Janice K.

Giveaway: This is Love – EunHyuk Version (Open to ELF Around the World)

  • Hello ELF!  USA ELF is collaborating with our affiliate, USA Jewels, to do a giveaway of ‘This is Love’ album – Eunhyuk version. It is opened to ELF all around the world.  It is a small thank you to everyone for your support of our handsome Anchovy!
  • Giveaway was made possible by the contributions of ELF listed here on our thank yous page who donated to enable us to buy Super Junior albums to giveaway.   Every single album purchased brings us a little closer to winning GDA! More album giveaways will be announced soon.
  • Good luck everyone! ~USA ELF Admins


    1. For everything you do below, you will receive 1 entry into the giveaway.

    Follow USA Jewels on Twitter = 1 entry
    Re-tweet the tweet about giveaway on Twitter = 1 entry
    Like USA Jewels on Facebook = 1 entry
    Re-post the post about giveaway on Facebook = 1 entry
    Follow USA Jewels on Instagram = 1 entry
    Like the post about giveaway on Instagram = 1 entry
    Follow USA Jewels on WordPress = 1 entry
    Re-blog the post about giveaway on WordPress = 1 entry
    Follow USA Jewels on Tumblr = 1 entry                                                         Re-blog the post about giveaway on Tumblr= 1 entry

    2.  Fill out the entry form here:

    Giveaway ends THIS Sunday, November 23st, 2014 at 11pm USA PST.

    Questions? Email usajewels0404@gmail.com

Join the New Eunhyuk Fan Club in the USA, USA Jewels


USA Jewels, the fan club of Super Junior Eunhyuk in America, has been launched! USA Jewels are affiliated with USA ELF. They provide the latest updates, do fan projects and unite Jewels across America in supporting Lee Hyukjae. For all those out there who love Anchovy, come join them!

They also publish Eunhyuk Daily News, a daily newsletter with updates about Eunhyuk ‘s activities. Follow them on twitter to get the newsletter tweeted to you everyday.

Email: usajewels0404@gmail.com
Twitter – https://twitter.com/usa_jewels
Tumblr – http://usajewels.tumblr.com
Facebook Site – https://www.facebook.com/usajewels0404
Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/usajewels
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/usajewels0404