Shindong Enlistment Photobook Project DEADLINE EXTENDED



Deadline extended to Sunday, Nov. 16th 11:59pm USA PST.

Open to ELF worldwide.

It is time to show our Shin Donghee exactly how much he means to us as a member of Super Junior and, even more, as simply the adroable, wonderful man he is!!

His enlistment is fast approaching (November 25th) and we admins at USA ELF need your help to create a photobook full of well wishes and love!!! Let our Shin Donghee know how much you will miss him while he is gone and how much he means to you and SJ! All and all send him something encouraging and uplifting!


First, please know that our deadline for submissions is: Nov 16th, 2014 at 11:59 PST (UCT -8)!

  • To take part in this project please send us a high quality photo or scan of a letter, drawing, you holding a banner/sign, etc! They can be in either simple English or Korean. Don’t forget to sign your name somewhere on your submission! 
  • Please be creative in your submission and do not send anything that is not your own work!
  • Once you are done scanning/taking a photo of your beautiful letter, drawing, etc. please send it to: with the header “Shindong Photobook”. Please include your country/state AND name in the e-mail as well!
  • Or you can just write a simple message for Shindong & tweet @usa_elf or email it to us with your name and country/state

We will videotape the completed book and have it up on our YouTube channel as soon as we can!

If you are a fan club anywhere around the world, we welcome your fan club to join us.  Just tweet or email us to discuss it.

Thank you to the following fan clubs for already coming on board:

– ELF Chile

– ELF Kediri

– ELF Guatemala

– ELF Malang

– HATO Argentina

– Shin’sFriendsVN

– ShindongTH

Please don’t forget to send Shindong continuing support with our Shindong Support Project! Let’s do all we can to make him smile!!

If you need some inspiration for what to send or would like to see other photobooks we have sent SJ look down below!

A message book we made for Henry’s solo debut in the USA.

A book we made for Super Junior Christmas wishes.


Yesung B-Day photobook!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on Twitter at USAElf, email or on our page:!

Thank you so much for being amazing, ELF! Please help us in this endeavour to bring another ray of joy to Shindong! We look forward to seeing all your beautiful e-mails! ❤


Happy Birthday @ShinsFriends ! #HappyShinsDay #ELFProudofSHindong


To our beloved Shindonghee who brings joy to everyone he meets, may your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles and the sounds of laughter.  USA ELF wishes Shindong a happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.

Shindong was born on September 28th, 1985 in Mungyeong, Korea. He is 30 years old (Korean age) today!





Why is our baby boy hurting?…

Shindong has been crying during, before & after every concert….those aren’t tears of joy.

How did we let this happen?

USA ELF wants to let our wonderful beautiful handsome hilarious Shin Donghee know just how much we love him, support him & how we will always have his back. (& we’re sure you do too )

If he or any member of SJ is hurting, we’re doubly in pain.

We can’t let him hurt any longer.

We ask you to please tweet to @ShinsFriends with your words of support & love using the hashtags below:



Don’t let 140 Characters stop you from showing him you care! You can also use these same hashtags on instagram! @earlyboysd You can send him pictures or any words of praise as long as you respect him & show him that true ELF have been & always will be here for him.

I love you so much Shindong! I hate to see you sad so please jaebal jaeeebal DO NOT be sad anymore okay Shinnie~! #ELFneedShindong #NoSuJuWithoutShinDonghee

/ELF does something funny/


This is an ongoing project that pretty much has no exact end-date/deadline….let’s just say it’s our goal to make him smile more & more each day. ^-^v


Let’s make our Shindong smile again because we can’t live in a world where our boys aren’t happy idiots like us~

Thank you so much~! 

~~~USA ELF Admins

140830 Heechul Twitter and Instagram Update: Smile~ :) #MAMACITA #Shindongdontgoㅠㅠ

Smile~ 🙂 #MAMACITA #Shindongdon’tgoㅠㅠ

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