KCON 2017 – Super Junior D&E

Yes, we will be at KCON!

We will not have a booth however we are planning a meet up to recreate the group photo we did in 2015 with our D&E banners.

2015 Photo & Banner

Eunhyuk’s Instagram!

Date: Saturday, August 19
Time & Location: TBD

More details, including a brand new banner, will be announced closer to the event.

Hope to see you there!

USA ELF * USA Jewels * USA Elfish

Super Junior Message BOOK for KCON LA 2015


Open to ELF worldwide.

KCON LA is fast approaching and we admins at USAElf are creating a photo book full of welcome messages for Super Junior!

To take part in this project please send us a high quality photo or scan of a letter, drawing or you holding a banner/sign, etc! They can be in either simple English or Korean.* Don’t forget to sign your name somewhere on your submission!

Please be creative in your submission and do not send anything that is not your own work!

Once you are done scanning/taking a photo, send it to: USAELF05@gmail.com with the subject “SJ KCON Message Book”.

AND fill out the form at the bottom. Make sure to click on SUBMIT once you finished.

All messages will be translated into Korean for the final book, so Super Junior can understand what you wrote!

Here is an example of one we did for Henry when he came to KCON in 2013:

OPTIONAL:  If you would like to help with the costs of the project, send a small donation to our paypal account (usaelf05@gmail.com). Make sure to include your name & email.

Please do not feel like you have to donate.  Donations are completely optional! Donations will be used for this project & banner projects for Super Junior at KCON LA 2015. Your message will be put in the message book no matter if you donate or not.

In thanks for your donation, we will be giving you thank you gift(s) of Super Junior items.  After you donate, go to our USA ELF Gift Shop (http://usaelf.ecwid.com) and select the gift(s) you want as our thanks for your help.  For every dollar donated, one point will be given. Points can be used in our USA ELF Gift Shop.

You can pick up your gift(s) anytime time during KCON LA convention at our USA ELF booth.  If you are not coming to KCON LA, we will mail the gift(s) to you.  If you live outside of the USA, please include shipping costs to the amount of your donation.


The USA ELF Gift Store (http://usaelf.ecwid.com) is our way of thanking ELF that help with the costs of our projects for Super Junior.  Without fans assisting with financial support for the projects, it would not be possible.

So a HUGE thank you!

Note: We do not sell items in our USA ELF Gift Shop, so you can not buy items.  Items in the shop are thank you gifts for those who donate to help pay for projects.

Examples of gifts in the USA ELF Gift Shop…

Limited Edition ‘The Kings are Back’ Tumbler by USA ELF (20 pts)

Limited Edition 'The Kings are Back' 7Jib Tumbler - 20 pts

Limited Edition ‘I Just Wanna See You Naked’ Navy Cap with Eunhyuk Button by USA Jewels (20 points)

Limited Edition 'I Just Wanna See You Naked' Navy Cap with Eunhyuk Button - 20 pts

Limited Edition ‘cuz a Fish is not always a Fish’ T-shirt by USA ELFish (20 points)

Limited Edition 'cuz a Fish is not always a Fish' T-shirt - 20 pts

Limited Edition ‘Love Never Ends’ Charm Bracelet from Leeteuk Angels USA ( 20 points)

Limited Edition 'Love Never Ends' Charm Bracelet - 20 pts

Double sided Leeteuk ‘The Promise’ Fan by Teuk Bar (10 points)

Leeteuk 'The Promise' Fan by Teuk Bar (double sided) - 10 pts

Super Junior Everlasting Blue Wristband by USA ELF (6 points)

Super Junior Everlasting Blue Wristband - 6 pts

SEELeeteuk Buttons (4 points)

SEE Leeteuk Buttons - 4 pts

Random Super Junior Postcards – select group or member (2 points)

Random Super Junior Stickers – select group or member (1 point)

Random Super Junior Picture Cards – select group or member (1 point)



Although we started a week late and only had two days to vote, we managed to win the poll!

Great job, ELF! We especially want to thank all of the other Super Junior fanclubs from around the world who helped us vote and spread the word.

KCON will be using this poll as a reference for which performers they should invite to KCON, so we’re one step further in getting Super Junior to come this fall!

Once again, great job everyone!

– Posted by Jasmine, USA ELF Promotional Rep

Credit: KCON USA


KCON USA has released A POLL HERE asking fans to vote for their favorite k-pop boy artists.

Super Junior is included on this list, so there is a chance for them to perform at KCON this year!

The most important thing to do is vote SUPER JUNIOR as the first choice group. You can also choose them for the second and third choices, as well!

The poll ends TOMORROW, April 11, so we need to work quickly! YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE!

Also, please spread the word to your friends and other fan clubs! If we succeed, there’s a good chance Super Junior will be coming to LA this August ^^

LINK TO POLL: https://cjem.wufoo.com/forms/poll-your-favorite-kpop-boy-groupartist/

– Posted by Jasmine, USA ELF Promotional Rep